To blog or not to blog..

Borrowing a line from a sonnet written by someone who identified himself as Shakespeare, I consider it as an apt description of my view towards blogging (My apologies to those who may have used this line in the past). Not that I really did not like blogging, but what the heck–I just thought no one would read my posts anyway. How does it feel to have a blog that bears “1 post(s)” on its hit counter? Then I’d feel disappointed and just abandon it altogether.

Besides, I never liked the idea of blogging which seemed like writing a diary–fill it with my personal thoughts, my deepest secrets–with my subconscious telling me that someone would read it at one time or another. I always gave the excuse that I did not have the time for it, as if I did not spend hours playing the latest edition of NBA Live or browsing over eBay, even if I did not have the guts–and the money–to buy auctioned stuff. I always maintained the view that blogging is NOT journalism. I opt not to tell you my reasons for this, as it may spark a tribal war between journalists and dedicated bloggers.

But hey, it’s the blogging generation and the one thing I could not admit is when people start to tell me that I don’t have time to write blogs because I’m just too old for it. Then a colleague in Inquirer, Jeofrey Maitem of Koronadal City, showed me his blog, and egged me on. Hey, I thought, it’s not that bad, after all. The rest is history.

So, welcome to my blog. I hope you find the articles posted here interesting, informative, educational, or just entertaining. Never mind if you find it annoying. I will be posting stories I write for the newspaper, and my personal thoughts, bliss..and angst. That is, if I would be able to muster the courage to let you all into the privacy of my very self.


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