I’m back.


Sorry for the looong absence. I had to attend to some very important concerns. These needed close attention so I had to put off blogging for a while. As what California Governor Arnold S. (better be safe than wrong), with his strong Austrian accent, once said:



26 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. and beloved pogi the rugby league grand final is on sunday so go the mighty eagles!! manly to win talaga!!it means more than political problems !!yeah !! thats sydney australia, gods country!! great south land of the holy spirit !! come visit i will show you 15000 filos living here and all happy with oz regards eaglelover

  2. Eagle lover,

    You seem to brag about your beloved Australia as if you didn’t come from your mother land, the humble Philippines. I am assuming that OZ is probably more progressive than the Philippines, but, are they treating you like “first class citizen” there? I doubt it. Who else will love you unconditionally like your very own fellow Filipinos or your own native land? Do you think the Mining Company will care about our Filipinos and our environment after they pocket all their huge profits from our natural resources. Wake up, eagle lover, you are dreaming!

  3. gday gaddang native ,yeah mate oz is a lot more progressive than the dear old philippines , our old people get a pension!! those who are sick are looked after in good hospitals, if you dont have a job they give you the dole and that mate is pera, money and help to live , you dont get it mate!! 90 pecent of profits from the mine go to your beloved provincial government and your beloved president ten percent goes to the investors , that is a fact !!hundreds of your beloved nganga chewers will have a job and an education and a new hospital in didipio , new roads and a reforresting program , sorry mate im not a filo, im a pure bred australian who loves my filipino relatives with a passion and hope that one day the philippines will once again be the tiger of the orient, mabuhay ang kayayaan and if you are looking for a job we need good people in oz regards eaglelover

  4. That explains it that you don’t feel for the novo vizcayanos because you are an Australian (capitalized). Your Australian Mining Company will only do more harmful physical and environmental damage than monetary help to my people. The toxic chemical substances that will be left behind by this insensitive and greedy Oz will definitely affect our pristine environment and our health. Yes, I agree that we are “nganga” chewers but I bet you the natural plant that we put in our mouth is better than what you smoke and drink in your progressive land. If you do care about your adopted relatives here in Nueva Vizcaya, please urge your Australian Company to get out of our land. It is good for your soul. I disagree in your inaccurate number or fact that 90% of the money from this company will go to the provincial government. I certainly don’t think so. Do you think your OZ country will allow that? No way, Jose! They will keep everything in their pocket and the Philippines will be so lucky if they can even get a mere .005% of the profit.

  5. My history tells me that Australia used to be a colony of United Kingdom–a penal colony. Convicts in UK were banished and brought to that “unknown land down south”. Apparently, their lot grew through the generations.

    No wonder some people there, though they don’t chew “nga nga”, act like criminals. No offense, I said “some”. 😀

  6. woow ive stirred em up!! great stuff !! the movie will make millions, and thats the only way any of the poor in didipio will get a good life!! you give us a serve but your poor dont have a chance believe me i know !! without an education they live a very hard life, im a criminal yeah right!! melvin mate get fair dinkum that was 200 years ago!!you do not know the history of oz !! dont you know that there are hundreds of thousands of filos in oz!! fifteen thousand in blacktown a suburb of sydney ? you have one of the most corrupt countrys on earth no offence meant !! and i know its not your fault!!, my friends i dont smoke anything!!, but i do like san mig light sarap mali namnam naimas what a ripper a beauty !! so instead of hate wake up we have been helping the philippines since the second world war under the columbo plan , and a lot of aussies lost their lives in bataan!! we have a lot of time for you we are not the enemy!! mabuhay ang kalayaan regards eaglelover

  7. Melvin,
    Thank you for the history lesson about Australia, UK’s penal colony. The descendants of those “deviants” (a softer sociological definition of convicts or shall I call them (in my own definition) the “rejects” or “rejected” are still around. Tinamaan si Eagle lover. He keeps mentioning how poor our indingent people and assuming that they are “without education” but he is the one who seems to have no formal education based on his reasoning and writing skills. They have to be grateful to those “15,000” educated Filipinos living in Australia as they are contributing to the Australian economy as a source of income for those “fixed income” pension recipients. Eagle lover is one of them.

  8. so your another who hates aussies gaddang, im not a writer like melvin im an automotive engineer,so if i cant write as well as melvin so what!! lol thats his job , mine is the automotive industry, you know gaddang , motor cars !!lol,and gaddang the are a few hundred thousand filos who live in oz but that of course doesnt mean a thing to you because you have no idea of what australia is like !!you havent been there so you cant comment!! i have been to the philippines many times i have seen the very good and the very bad which is the case in all countrys, so gaddang come on down and see for yourself even the pope calls australia the great south land of the holy spirit regards as always eaglelover .

  9. So, eaglelover, are you really an automotive engineer or shall I say, a car repair technician (to be specific)? Don’t they teach English in Australia or are you one of those indingent (tribal) people in your area to whom you assumed (with my people) as “without education”? For your information, an engineering degree requires 4 to 5 years of formal college degree plus a board examination (for licensing) and even a vocational car technician requires at least a 2-year of schooling here in the Philippines, unless (in your case) you only received a 6-month certificate of what???. Also, I do not need to see your Australia to know about your political, economic, educational, cultural, and social issues facing your country.

  10. well gaddang you have shown all how biased you are!! no real grasp of life in other countrys i feel sorry for you i will pray that one day you will understand you are a nasty person whose debate attacks the person and not the issue at hand and melvin i did five years apprentiship and four years tafe thats technical and further education and a i am a qualified mechanic who was service manager of a large motor corporation you are so pissed off with me you have no rime or reason!! and if you tell me your mob is so good why then do you vote for the dopes in your election!! give me a break your mob is so corrupt its a discrace to the poor hard working filipinos who are my relatives!! im married to one of the best filipinas in the word all that know her love her!! and friends my life revolves around the filipino community in asutralia they are gods good people and we are blessed to have them here so if you dont like me tough!! get over it!! im sure i do more for the filos than you do gaddang !! and ilocanos for me ganyan ang buhay

  11. and further more gaddang im glad you have joined the cast of thousands of the smash hit movie (minewars episode 1v) a saga of epic proportions, a struggle by heroic filipinos verus the dark side oceanagold !! written directed and produced by melvin p gascon (p”” stands for the pogi one ) this could be your road to riches with mel honey and you on the red carpet in hollywood !! when you come home your name will be on the plaque in didipio !! mel and gaddang hero to the people defenders of the faith !! its just fantastic !! please let me know when the unveiling of the statue to you both will happen!!, it will be a vision to behold !!you will then be able to support the people who have nothing ( the poor)i know you are not poor for give yourelf away o educated one ha !! as always i dont hate eaglelover

  12. Well, Eaglelover, how could you be so lucky to be married to a Filipina (from Nueva Vizcaya). There is no wonder your life revolves around the Filipino Community there. They are more accepting of you than your very own kind. I am not so sure your wife feels lucky being married with you, ‘though. If not, she can always come back here and we will welcome her back with open arms. She did not have to settle down with a “loose thread” mechanic from Sydney. She has better choices here and it is not too late. We may be “poor” here but we are happy with what we have.

  13. To Melvin,

    I like the new format of your site. It is absolutely awesome and nicely done. My kudos to you for your hard work and passion for writing! More power to you!

    Highest regards,
    Gaddang Native

  14. yes mel your natives are very hospitable but mel some times you need to get out of the province and see the world it big and scary lol

  15. mel you are so wrong those who come to our fair land love it and by the way im am not on a pension you have turned against those who want to help you, may god bless you and help you for you and the gaddang really have no idea about the great southern land good by and adios

  16. Eaglelover, what makes you think it is better to live in another country than ours? It is an individual perspective. If your Australian country is happy with its own resources, why is your mining company digging gold, copper, manganese, etc. (including marrying our first-class women) here. Your country is never satisfied with its own resources. It is never enough, isn’t it? Money isn’t everything to some people. Also, happiness is subjective. Every individual has its own definition of happiness and money is not the answer for everything because happiness does not equate with money. It helps having money to live comfortably but it takes more than that to be happy in life. We do not need to go out of our country to be happy and content with what we have. For your information, Vizcayanos are tolerant and hard-working people. With their God-given talents and faith, anything is possible. Avante Nueva Vizcaya!

  17. its good to hear you are passionate about your province perhaps you do help the poor i hope so, we both love our homelands thats great!! you should learn about oz its a safe healthy place to live with rewards for hard work , and gaddang you have very beautiful women in solano, iknow, i have been married to one for twenty years and gaddang i enjoy my times spent in nueva vizcaya, by the way oceanagold is a new zealand company with offices in melbourne and canada i just happen to own shares which at this point in time as “the pogi one” melvin keeps telling me are not worth much lol , you may even get the mine stopped who knows , i hope it goes ahead for the jobs it will create giving work to the locals, and perhaps make a few dollare on the stock market lol so have a good day regards eaglelover

  18. With the world market in trouble at this time, OceanaGold has no choice but to postpone its $10 trillion project. It is slated for early 2009 but I think my prayers are being heard.
    By the way, is your wife from Solano, a Gaddang Native?

    Gaddang Native

  19. she is from the premier tribe!! ilocano!! and she gives me heaps !! that means i have to behave and she is the boss lol!! shes a very strong and loving woman i am blessed!! i do not hate the filipino like you hate the aussies ,but i do wish you could understand that life in australia is a lot better than the philippines in relation to how many are poor and starving in your provences, thats not a fault of the people its who you vote for and the corruption that was spawned in the marcos era and unfortunately continues, i know a lot more of your country than you do about oz if you like i will teach you ask melvin how his relatives are doing in oz i will bet they are doing just fine and gaddang mabuhay ang kalayaan regards eaglelover

  20. Well, good for your Ilocano wife that she is in charge of you and not vice versa. I never said I hate the Aussies in general. I am opposing the Mining activities in my province because we know that it will do more harm to our environment than monetary help in the long run. That was my point. Your little knowledge about the Philippines is dangerous because you do not really know the underlying causes behind all of the canned news you get from the media. If I were you, I would stick with Aussies news and not pretend that you are well informed about my country.

  21. we have daily news we have direct sattelite from the philippines and my friend you and i know and you know that your country is very corrupt!! we dont want to hurt you we want to help you!! my brother in law is recovering from tb and my friend we support him and your government supplys the medicine!! the rich get richer and the poor can help themselves !! thats how it is !!ganyan ang buhay your love of your country is how it should be!! i love your country and its people and we and my filo friends help as much as we can, times are hard and we know how much a kavan of rice has gone up in the last few months !! my niece has an inoperable brain tumor and had a stoke, the husband took her to the local which doctor and she had no medical help for three days till my sister inlaw took her to hospital, that did at lot of damage to her brain and only now can she walk with a stick she has four children youngest 9 months thats why i get very frustrated with those who live in the dark ages and cant see!!, there is a way!! if you open your eyes so god bless you gaddang hopefully one day you can come to the great south land and see how well filipinos do in oz as always regards eaglelover

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