‘Ignorantia legis’

CSC: Removal of Vizcaya workers by gov illegal

BAYOMBONG, Nueva Vizcaya—The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has declared as illegal the order of Gov. Ruth Padilla to demote and dismiss 196 permanent employees of the provincial government.

In her Oct. 10 decision, Bienvenida Ragucos, CSC regional director in Cagayan Valley, said Padilla’s order was illegal because she did not have the authority to revoke civil service appointments.

Ragucos also ordered the workers’ reinstatement with payment of their back wages.

“All told, it is clear that [Governor] Padilla overstepped her authority by arrogating unto herself a power which, by clear mandate of the law, resides in the [CSC],” said the decision, a copy of which was received by provincial government employees on Tuesday.


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